Here are most frequently asked questions.

  1. How do I submit?
    Please check our pinned post on top of our FB page feed for the latest submission call, and follow instructions there. For Instagram, simply tag your image @dreamymag or use hashtag #dreamymag. Or submit a set via e-mail. See our submission guidelines for details. Your images can be seen/shared before but they should not be published in other magazines.
  2. Can I get a free print issue since I am in it (or I shot it)?
    We’re sorry we are not able to give free print issues, but we give free digital tearsheets for you to share on social media.
  3. How much do you pay? Or How much does it cost to be featured in the magazine?
    We do not pay the models/photographers and we do not charge you to be in the magazine.
  4. How can I be featured on cover?
    Every submission is considered for cover. Selection is always a tough choice in each issue.
  5. Can you guarantee a cover feature?
    We have a guaranteed cover submission option - this upgraded service costs $150 for front cover and $90 for back cover feature and comes with a digital PDF issue, but your photo set needs to be preapproved. Send your set via e-mail for review to dreamymagazine@gmail.com with subject line "Guaranteed Cover Submission". We will only take payment by paypal or venmo if we approve your set. See the submissions page for more info.
  6. What are your image resolution requirements?
    We need 300dpi, minimum 2550x3300 dimensions. In windows, use file explorer and right click on image to view the properties. In Mac, right-click on the file name and select properties-detail. We will accept 240dpi, or sometimes even 96dpi if the dimensions are high enough. If you get this reply email “Please provide high res 300dpi, minimum 2550x3300” this means you sent in low resolution images that will not print well. If you send in images not meeting these requirements repeatedly, your submission will be rejected.
  7. What are your image format requirements?
    We prefer vertical or portrait format, but sometimes we accept landscape formats.
    Portrait (vertical format) - 8.5x11 is ideal. This way, we do not crop your work of art.
  8. What image file type do you prefer?
    We prefer JPEG/JPG, but sometimes accept PNG or TIF. We do not accept RAW, PSD or PDF. No cell phone pics please!
  9. What are your deadlines?
    We do not have deadlines for open themed issues, as we always have ongoing issues. If we do not feature your accepted image in the current issue, it will be featured in the next available issue.
  10. What editions do you have?
    Regular open themed edition is open to ages 13+
    Teen edition is for teen models 13-17 years old - See our instagram account @teendreamymag for submissions.
    Themed issues occur about once a month, and age restrictions are specified.
    Elite editions have editorials and offer multiple page features.
    Finally, our portfolio edition is for exclusive collection of the photographer and there is a production fee for this. See the submissions page for more info.
  11. What genres do you accept?
    We accept most genres, including beauty, fashion, glamour, portraits, teen/kids. Please no selfies with cell phone camera for any of our submissions. For boudoir genre, please see our sister magazine http://boudoir.dreamymagazine.com.
  12. Where are you based?
    We are based in Los Angeles, California, USA.
  13. Do you have any themed issues?
    We have ongoing themed issues. Please check our themes page.
  14. Do you promote your models featured in your magazine?
    Yes if you provide us your instagram handles, we try to post them on our IG feed @dreamymag
  15. Can I be featured in your magazine more than once?
    Yes you can. Same goes for cover feature, but it gets harder to be featured second time, as we try to give new models chance to be featured.
  16. Do the 2-7 images need to be the same model and same photographer?
    Generally each submission should be one model/one photographer to avoid confusion, but your submission can have multiple models as long as they were shot by the same photographer. In this case, please provide clear information on credits including which credits go with which images.
  17. Do the 2-7 images have to be the same look/outfit?
    No they do not have to be the same look. As long as they were shot by the same photographer they are acceptable.
  18. There is a typo in the print issue. Can you send me another one?
    We are careful not to have any typos in the print issue, but it can happen. We are not able to send a replacement copy. Therefore, when you order your print issue on magcloud, PLEASE PREVIEW IT FOR ACCURACY AND MAKE SURE THAT YOUR MODEL IS IN THIS ISSUE AND THERE ARE NO TYPOS BEFORE ORDERING. THANK YOU! (Preview button is below the magazine cover image at magcloud)
  19. Can you fix credit information after the submission was made or after the release? Yes, we can fix typos if it is our mistake. If the typos were submitted that way and it is not our fault, there will be a $20 change fee to make the requested changes.
  20. What looks are you looking for?
    Please see our Instagram feed, or the submission call posted on FB or Instagram.
  21. Where are your issues printed?
    We use a print-on-demand service from Magcloud.
  22. I submitted my set via email. How long does it take for DREAMY to respond?
    Usually it takes us a few days and up to 14 days to repond. But due to the high volume of emails we receive, we do not reply to spam and submissions that do not follow our submission guidelines.

If you have a question not addressed here, please send email to dreamymagazine@gmail.com.

Thank you!
DREAMY Magazine