Here are submission guidelines.

Regular editions - for Jr, Teen and Adult editions

For our normal submission process, there are three ways.

  • (1) Facebook - Follow us on Facebook and post your image in the comment section of a submission call post from us. Find this post at top of our FB feed. By posting your image you are granting DREAMY Magazine permission to publish your image(s), and that you have permission from your team. If we accept your image(s), you will be given further instructions.
  • (2) Instagram - Follow and tag us on Instagram by tagging @dreamymag in your IG image post. Or use hashtag #dreamymag. Please do not tag other magazines in your submission to avoid chance of duplicate publication. We feature unpublished works only.
  • (3) Email - Send your image to us via email to dreamymagazine @ gmail . com with subject line "Submission" and use the email template listed below. Use dropbox or google drive links for large images. Just provide a link to these in your email and open up security on these drives so we can download. Alternatively, you can attach your images to your email, but 1 or 2 images per email works best for large files.
  • We only feature unpublished works (i.e., not previously published in a magazine). But your image can be shared before on social media (i.e., it does not have to be 'unseen')
  • Please use the email template below to provide all information that we ask for, or your submission may be rejected.
  • Image requirements: high resolution JPEG images without watermarks, 8.5x11 portrait format, 300 dpi, and minimum 2550x3300 dimensions.

Special Edition (Submitted via

A special edition of DREAMY Magazine accepts editorial photoset submissions via This special edition features 4-6 feature pages per submitting team.

Exclusive edition:

A photographer's collection of works must be unpublished and must contain a minimum of 10 models to be considered for an exclusive issue. 15 models are ideal. To submit your collection for consideration, send us samples of your work via email, or drop us your instagram or FB links to your collection. If selected, we will need 20-40+ photos (1-4 per model) sent to Use subject line “EXCLUSIVE ISSUE SUBMISSION” Please include in your email: Dropbox or Google Drive link to your high quality high resolution JPEG images without watermarks, 8.5x11 portrait format, 300 dpi, and minimum 2550x3300 dimensions. Create separate folders for each model, or use model names in your filenames in one folder. Include in your email credits on model stage name, instagram handles, and other creatives. A short bio on the photographer or description of your portfolio is optional. The photographer must be able to sign an online release. We offer digital tearsheets for the photographer to share with the models. We are not able to give free issues to the contributors. There is a $150 fee for the exclusive issue if you are selected.

Please Note:

  • Please make sure your model/photographer names are correct. Check your spellings!!!
  • Please do not ask for free print issues... we clearly state that in the submission calls. We only give free digital tearsheets and promote you on our Instagram feed.
  • Please make sure you have permission to publish from all your creatives on your team!
  • Please use the email template below for submitting a set to us:

Email Template


MODEL: stage name @instagramhandle
AGE: (we do not display age but need it to determine which issue to feature your model)
PHOTOGRAPHER: name @instagramhandle
OTHER: e.g. hair, mua, stylists - instagram preferred
LOCATION: (recommended; not needed for Jr models)

Use subject line “ACCEPTED SUBMISSION” if your image was pre-selected.
Use subject line “SUBMISSION” if your image was not pre-selected.
For our JR issue (model ages to 12), provide only first name of model, and location is not needed.

*** You must use this E-mail template to provide all requested information ***