Terms & Conditions

Here are the terms and conditions of DREAMY Magazine.

DREAMY Magazine publishes beauty/fashion magazine issues on the Magcloud magazine platform. These are the terms and conditions for contributors to our magazine.

1) DREAMY Magazine needs your permission to publish your photograph. When you submit your photos to us via E-mail, you need to have this permission from your entire creative team, and specifically state so in your email using the e-mail template provided to you. Please provide the credit information requested as outlined in this e-mail template.

2) This permission to publish is for one-time publication and we will not use your image for any other purpose. We support our work from sales of the magazines.

3) There are no free issues for contributors, but free digital tearsheets.

4) We require high resolution 300dpi, portrait format, minimum 2550x3300 JPEG images without watermarks.

5) There are no compensations paid to the contributor, and there are no charges.

6) If there are typos, we will fix them if they are our mistakes. But if the submission came in with errors, we reserve the right not to correct your mistakes after we send the magazine issue to the publishing platform, Magcloud.

7) Your submitted images must not be published in other magazines, but can be shared before on social media.

Thank you for your support! DREAMY